SERVPRO of Indianapolis West Event Photos

Smoke Alarm Blitz 2018

Left to Right: Vanesa Davis with the Indiana Red Cross; Wayne Township Trustee Andy Harris; From SERVPRO of Indianapolis West: (far right) Rick Boger (back) Gregg Innis.

For the fourth consecutive spring, SERVPRO of Indianapolis West was invited to volunteer for the Smoke Alarm Blitz. Rick and Gregg were escorted by a Ben Davis H.S. senior (Makayla, not pictured) volunteer to canvas the streets in a west side neighborhood last Wednesday.

While most homeowners were at work, we found several people at home and asked them if we could test their smoke alarms. If we found an alarm not working properly, or saw that an area in a home needed one, we could install up to three brand-new alarms per residence. These were brand new Kidd alarms with a ten-year lifespan. The battery in these alarms never need to be replaced. Instead, the alarm just needs replaced after ten years.

We found one home with a family of two adults and three children, and no smoke alarms in the residence. We installed three brand-new alarms and also talked to them about creating a fire evacuation plan and what to do during a tornado emergency. Fire evacuation and severe weather preparation are topics we talked about with every homeowner we contacted that day. The American Red Cross supplied us with dry-erase sheets and pens to help each homeowner plan out a fire escape route from their home. One thing we also brought up was determining a safe place for all family members to meet. A safe place should be near the home but far enough away to be safe during a house fire.

Gregg, Makayla and I installed nine brand new smoke alarms last Wednesday and tested several dozen that were operating properly. We were very happy to get out and give back to the community that does so much for us. Thank you to the Wayne Township Fire Department and Trustee’s Office for having us participate in such a great event.

SERVPRO Indy West Transports Donation

WRTV Channel 6 catches SERVPRO of Indianapolis West giving back to the community. 

Wayne Township Trustee Andy Harris received news that a local business wanted to donate over $17,000 in school clothes--if only they could find a way to transport it all. Harris reached out to SERVPRO of Indianapolis West's Sales and Marketing Manager Rick Boger to make it happen! Rick immediately offered up the SERVPRO van to transport the boxes of clothes to where they are needed most. This is just one of many ways SERVPRO of Indianapolis West partners with others to give back to its local community.

WRTV reported:

INDIANAPOLIS-- A west side business has donated more than $17,000 in school clothing to families in need.

Wayne Township Trustee Andy Harris said he was contacted by the owners of Davis Jean & Fashion, 4406 W. Washington Street, to see if the trustee's office would be interested in new school clothes.

Click here to read the full story on the RTV6 news site!

Chief Matt Aker Memorial Golf Outing 2017

SERVPRO of Indianapolis West was honored to take part in the Chief Matt Aker Memorial Golf Outing. This event takes place during the Indiana Emergency Response Conference week. The weather was beautiful and we had a blast. Thank you so very much for the invitation to be there. 

Safety Day 2017

It was awesome to be part of the Wayne Township Safety Day Program again this year. We served over 450 delicious hot dogs to the public and had a cornhole game set up for the kids to play. The fire department has many different hands-on learning stations to help teach the public how to stay safe in case of an emergency. 

Smoke Alarm Blitz 2017

The American Red Cross along with The Wayne Township and Speedway Fire departments come together to do a Smoke Alarm Blitz throughout many different neighborhoods on the west side of Indianapolis.

SERVPRO of Indianapolis West is a proud partner with the Wayne Township Victim Assistance Program. Each year we're invited to help to ensure residents have working smoke alarms in their homes by doing what's called a "Smoke Alarm Blitz." 

Here's how it works:

The local fire department mails all of the homeowners in a particular area a letter stating that Fire Department Officials and volunteers will be walking the neighborhood going door to door asking homeowners if they would like for us to test their smoke alarms. If we find that an alarm doesn't work properly or if an area needed one, we would install up to two brand new smoke alarms free of charge.

It was a great feeling knowing that we found several homes that needed smoke alarms and that they now have brand new ones to alert them if a fire was to break out in their house.

This picture was taken right after we checked the Heatherwood area on the west side of Indy. That's Rick with SERVPRO of Indianapolis West on the right and Andy Harris the Wayne Township Trustee on the left. In between us are Cory and John, a couple of great and hard working guys from the local high school that volunteered to help. It was a great success and we're so very happy to help each year.

Safety Day 2016

SERVPRO of Indianapolis West had a great time at the Wayne Township Fire Department Safety Day Festival today and served over 350 hot dogs to the public. We appreciate the partnership with Wayne Township and try to give back to the community during events like this. Thank you for having us out today!