Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage in Indianapolis

Springtime storms in Indianapolis can be very severe. This was the case for this beauty salon that got drenched on the inside by rain water. Normally, rain does... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Indianapolis

Basement sump pumps usually keep up with rising water during storms, but if your electricity cuts off, bad things can happen. For instance, take this finished b... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Indianapolis, IN

This poor roof was no match for the oak tree branch that crashed into it during a severe storm. The free-falling branch crashed and created the damage pictured ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Indianapolis, IN

An extremely strong thunderstorm in Indianapolis caused the water damage you see here. The roof of the home was lifted from heavy winds strong enough to allow w... READ MORE

Storm Restoration Services in Indianapolis

This kitchen suffered heavy water damage due to frozen pipes from a winter storm in Indianapolis. Our team delivered emergency water extraction services to this... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Indianapolis, IN

A spring storm blows through and drops a huge tree limb on your house, leaving a gigantic hole in your roof! What do you do next? Call SERVPRO of Indianapolis W... READ MORE