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Top Ways Severe Storms Damage Indiana Homes & Businesses

6/25/2017 (Permalink)

Severe Storms Can Easily Damage Indiana Homes and Businesses in Many Ways

Severe storms are as common as corn in Indiana, especially during the spring and summer time. While they are usually short lived and tend to blow through rather quickly, storms can leave a path of destruction for businesses and homes in Indiana. The worst part about severe storms is they have many ways to cause storm damage in Indiana with very little ways to prevent it.

Damage from Heavy Winds

The summer time seems to be the most popular for storms with heavy winds. They usually run in a vertical line and rip across the state from the west to the east. While they blow through quickly, their winds can reach up to 70+ mph. These damaging winds can tear shingles off roofs, rip trees out of the ground, pull siding off of homes, and blow large debris through windows. Once they tear or blast a hole into a home or business, the rains can come inside and cause further damage.

Damage from Large Hail

Golf ball-sized, baseball-size, softball-sized...there are many ways to describe the size of the hale and unfortunately, they are all quite destructive. Hailstorms tend to cause the most damage to cars and roofs. It’s not surprising to see dozens of roofing companies out installing new shingles after a large hailstorm. Hail usually doesn’t cause further damage besides dents in cars and damaged shingles but the larger hailstorms can break glass windows and doors and tear up roofs enough to cause water to leak inside.

Damage from Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes can be very scary and deadly. While you should be safe if you are inside when there is a lightning storm, the lightning can damage your home in a couple different ways. The main damage lightning causes homes and businesses are starting fires. Lightning can cause an electrical fire by striking and running through all of your home's wires. It can also ignite wood whether it be a tree beside your home or the home itself. Lightning can also hit large trees and cause them to fall. Trees falling on homes and tearing holes through roofs and sometimes destroying an entire side of a home are where lightning can cause the most damage.

Damage from Heavy Rains

As the storms roll through your area, they can release a lot of water in a quick amount of time. This quick accumulation of rain can cause flash flooding and overwhelm sump pumps. Flooded basements or water seeping through the basement walls is a common occurrence that we have all either experienced or known someone that has experienced this terrible event. With storms causing water damage inside homes and businesses, it’s important to act quickly to get the water removed and the affected areas dried out. It only takes a day before storm water can cause even more damage by promoting mold to grow in the damp areas. Mold can grow in the carpets, drywall, wood framing, furniture, and insulation. It can turn a bad situation into a much worse situation requiring mold remediation.

Damage from Tornadoes

When it comes to storm damage in Indiana, tornadoes can be the most destructive. A direct hit from a tornado can tear off roofs, blow out windows, hurl large debris through exterior walls, and at their worse, they can completely level a home or business. With an indirect hit, businesses and home can experience broken windows and damage to roofs. All of this damage from a tornado can lead to more damage from rains entering the home or building which can then lead to mold growth.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you should experience storm damage to your Indianapolis-area home or business, contact the storm damage cleanup and restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West at 317.243.3149. The professionals at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West have the specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications to quickly cleanup, repair, and remediate damage from fire, water, mold,  and storms to home and businesses around central Indiana.

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