Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen Fire in Indianapolis, IN

This kitchen fire in Indianapolis caused severe damage to the home. The debris on the countertops is the ceiling drywall and insulation. The fire started on the stove behind the refrigerator and burned the wall and ceiling. The smoke and heat were so intense that as a result, the kitchen cabinets, countertops, walls and floors all needed removed and replaced. One of the many benefits of working with SERVPRO of Indianapolis West is that we manage every aspect of fire damage restoration, from your very first call to us, to final walk-through. You, the homeowner, have only one contact during the entire process. We oversee every step to get you back into your home as quickly as possible.

Lightning Fire Brownsburg, IN

This photo shows a two-story home in Brownsburg Indiana that suffered a lightning strike during a summer storm last year. As you can see, the home’s exterior suffered a lot of fire damage. The lightning strike hit the first floor of the home, causing a fire that burned the wood framing and melted the vinyl siding. The flames spread to the inside of the house, causing significant burning and smoke damage. You can see one of our Fire Restoration Technicians preparing to tarp up the exterior to protect the home from further damage. SERVPRO of Indianapolis West completed a full fire restoration on this Brownsburg home and quickly got the family back to their normal lives. If you reside in Indianapolis or the surrounding area and have a sudden need for home restoration after an unexpected disaster, give us a call for emergency service at 317-243-3149.

Garage Fire in Indianapolis, IN

This photograph shows heavy fire and smoke damage to a garage in Indianapolis, IN. This fire was ruled an electrical fire that started inside the wall just below the small window. The fire and smoke damage was so severe that we needed to (gut) the entire garage. The term (gut) means that we removed all of the building materials right down to the wood framing. Thankfully, no one was injured in this fire that nearly destroyed this garage. Our Highly Trained Fire Restoration Technicians cleaned and restored the structure and finished two weeks ahead of schedule. The homeowners were relieved to have their garage back and even happier it was finished earlier than anticipated. They were so pleased with our service that they called their insurance agent and gave a us a five star review. We’re very happy to help this family get their property back after a terrible fire nearly destroyed it.

House Fire Board Up in Indianapolis, IN

This shows an emergency fire board-up that we did in the harsh subzero winter of 2018. It's important to properly secure the structure shortly after the fire is extinguished. There are security and safety issues to keep in mind. The contents and personal effects of the homeowners need to be protected. Often, we see the fire department cut holes in the roof to help in the firefighting efforts. By covering any broken windows or holes, we can keep out any weather elements or curious critters looking for a place to nest. After we complete the emergency board-up services, you can count on the experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West to fully restore your Indianapolis home or business. Call us 24/7 day or night for immediate dispatch. 317-243-3149. We're always open!

Contents Restoration in Indianapolis

When a house fire occurs in Indianapolis you can trust us to help with your homes contents.

We carefully inventory all contents and safely pack them for a move to our secured warehouse. This allows our crews to properly clean and restore your homes structure without the chance of further damage happening. The contents of your home are carefully cleaned and restored then returned after the structure restoration is completed. For contents cleaning and fire restoration you can trust SERVPRO of Indianapolis West to get the job done right. We proudly serve Indianapolis, Speedway, Clermont and surrounding areas. Call us day or night 24/7 317-243-3149.

House Fire in Indianapolis, IN

This home caught fire because of faulty wiring within the walls on the second floor. The windows were knocked out by the fire department for proper ventilation. This action actually results in less damage to the home in the long run. 

Our first priority was to secure the home and its contents by boarding up the windows and making sure that all doors are locked.

We fully restored this home and helped the family get back their life that the fire took from them. It feels great to be able to help the Indianapolis community when house fires occur, because we make it 'Like it never even happened."

Fire Board Up in Indianapolis

This house needed to be secured after the fire was put out. Often times the windows and doors are broken and holes cut in the roof to properly vent the home so the fire department can extinguish the fire. Other reasons for a board up might be a break in or a tree falling on your house during a storm. SERVPRO on Indianapolis West offers 24/7 Emergency Board Up services, call us at 317-243-3149