What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

I had a tree limb fall on my house causing water to enter through the roof. T.J, and his crew not only removed the water and dried the house out but did all the repairs to fix things like they were before the storm. Thank you so much!

"Last weeks rain came in my house from around the window. My carpet was soaked and the wall around the window was wet. Thank you for drying my house and addressing the cause of the leak. I have your business magnet on my fridge and will call if I ever need your services again."

Our beauty salon flooded from a storm last summer causing us to close down for a short time. I had anticipated being closed for a week to recover from the flooding but SERVPRO of Indianapolis West had us back in business the very next day. Their crews were fast to get here after I called them and worked nonstop until all of the water had been removed. I'm glad I called SERVPRO and would highly recommend their services for storm damage cleanup.

Our house caught on fire after it was hit by lightning. The roof and attic was burned badly and there was terrible smoke damage everywhere in my house. Chad Baker (the owner) met with me and my insurance adjuster and explained the restoration process to me so that I could understand it.

I've never had something like this happen before. Chad always updated me with everything as it was happening and kept constantly connected to me through the process. He made me and my family feel like a priority.

Thank you so very much for helping us get our life back after the fire. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Indianapolis West.

Our water pipes froze, then busted, basically destroying our kitchen. SERVPRO of Indianapolis West really came to the rescue! Not only did they come out on a Saturday, they had the kitchen totally dried out in three days.

SERVPRO paid great attention to every detail and rebuilt my kitchen just like it was before. Thank you so much for a job well done! I can't imagine it getting done faster!

A crazy thunderstorm damaged our roof. Rain poured into our house for hours after. It ended up destroying our wooden floors! I thought there's no way we'd be able to use that room for months. SERVPRO of Indianapolis West repaired the damage super-fast, and even let us pick our new wood pattern before restoring the floor. Now it's beautiful again!

We had a bad storm that caused a tree branch to fall on our house. SERVPRO of Indianapolis West not only got the hole covered fast, they dried up the inside, then restored both the roof and the room. They worked with my insurance company and made the whole experience so much easier for our family. Amazing service!